Our CA Spring season is half way and it is still Europe faces of meth who is taking the cake. Currently their victory in the first cup and three top3 places is enough, but with 4 more cups to go... things could radically change. Europe VOLTAGE GAMING has closed the gap till 15 points, so winning the next cup will make them the new number 1.

Besides this we shouldn't forget Poland Kill Revenge Survive and Germany f1st3d who are both at 440 points. A gap which still can be tightened during the following cups.

Our next CA Cup is planned for upcoming Sunday 29th April @ 20:00CEST. Everything is still possible and there for sure will be some very thrilling matches! Everyone is still able to sign up, so if you just want to have some CA fun, do not hesitate to sign up ;-)

Links: Upcoming Cups, CA Spring Cup Overview, Twitter @ESLQuakeLive