so, as you may or may not know I've been streaming quake for a while now until recently when xsplit decided you can't use aac codec unless you paid for a license. streaming in speex mono bummed me out a lot and so I haven't been streaming for a few weeks.

and as you may or may not know, xsplit is going out of beta the 12th or April and when it does the pricing goes up to about four times what it is today.

and you probably don't know that for stupid reasons I'm currently living on a VERY tight budget until summer. so there's no room for me to pay for a license until I know I have stuff under control (read: summertime).

so there. if you want to see me streaming again, or ever again maybe, you need to open up them wallets. I feel like a total whore for doing this btw. but then again, streaming takes a lot of time and hopefully you guys appreciate us guys who are doing it.

sold? go here and click the button

edit: this actually worked! :x big thanks to those who donated. I'll be your streaming bitch now :)