I've never really used LCD monitors, and the few times that I did, they weren't very high-quality. I've used CRT monitors for as long as I've been on the computer, and even though they're outdated as fuck and it's really hard to find good ones, they're still really cool.

Anyway, recently I've been playing Borderlands with a few friends, and I'd been having some FPS issues at 1280x1024, with all details at minimum and all that. I was getting about 30fps with constant drops, when I should have been getting much higher FPS. An hour ago or so, I accidentally switched to 1280x720 when trying to cycle between all the resolutions in the menu to 1280x1024. My FPS jumped by a lot, and suddenly I was getting almost 100fps when there wasn't much action (the reason I kept 1280x720 instead of switching to something lower like 800x600, which would probably give me >100fps and 140hz refresh rate, is because 16:9 feels like a good standard to use, and if I were ever to record anything, nobody wants to see 4:3 these days).

My only problem here was that, on a 5:4 display, a 16:9 resolution looks horrible. These modern LCD fuckers have to use GPU scaling to try and get 4:3 resolutions on their monitors, but I don't get down with that shit. I pressed the awesome buttons DIRECTLY ON MY MONITOR to change the scaling and position of the display, that only takes effect at the resolution I'm in when I set everything (I can make the screen different sizes, brightness, tint, etc. for every resolution my monitor can display). I scaled it down so the display was 14.5*8.1 inches roughly, which is 16:9.

I get much better FPS, substantially lower monitor refresh rate, a "modern" resolution, and all-around awesome. But, along with this, I also don't have the problem of this resolution not scaling well with my original resolution, so I don't need to get blurry pictures because of dithering and all that when one virtual pixel is trying to be displayed over two physical pixels.

CRT monitors are great, and I'll be trying my best to not switch to LCD for as long as possible. I hope it lasts a long time, and I hope I get an even better CRT monitor sometime. That would be really nice... 2560x1920 FTW!

tl;dr CRT > LCD, I'm amazing, get good noob