I had several months of down time before i shipped out for the military and wanted to create a team video,
but no one had demos so i just collected them as i went. some of the runs were/are racenet records, some aren't- if you're curious to check, visit warsow-race.net
the video was more or less an outlet for myself, the footage was recorded at 125 fps then rendered from 50fps @ 1st to 29.97 at 2nd

contact information: theviperjohn@yahoo.com, #clansjn or #racenet on irc @quakenet (youtube username is viperjohn131)

h.264 1920x1080@29.97fps (.mp4)
filesize:976 MB
length: 9:40


here's the youtube link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9djsllJ1E58&am...e&hd=1

unfortunately i do not have anyone hosting the zip w/ demos and higher quality file since i was in basic military training the past 2 months :(