im about to reveal to you some evidence which ive gathered of some players who are using illegitimate third party software to gain an advantage in the game. this includes autoaims, autofires, autotriggers, triggerfires, triggerbots, aimbots, aim assists, item timers, wallhacks, glow models, and other forms of malicious hacks. this will prolly come as a shock to some, but realistically this sort of news should be expected in this hackfest of a game.

This time around alot of research was done, ive talked to several experts with several years quake exp.

enjoy the reads fellas:

Hacker Pact #1(TNB): tnb hacker pact (jtocs/ghostf4c3, ganja, briansong, th3_4v3ng3r) EXPOSED
[22:22] <great> so these guys use human aim assists / delayed triggerbots?
[22:23] <br1ck> seems like it
[22:23] <great> everyone in that tnb. clan basically hacks then?
[22:23] <br1ck> played ts with them the other day
[22:23] <br1ck> and i was getting pixel railed
[22:23] <br1ck> nonstop
[22:23] <br1ck> without even being able to see him
[22:24] <great> do you think ganja hacks too?
[22:26] <br1ck> ganja/vault69
[22:26] <br1ck> and most of the other dudes
[22:26] <br1ck> they chilled with
[22:27] <br1ck> openly joined a ts server
[22:27] <br1ck> and 99percent lg'd

rapture EXPOSED
[22:18] <br1ck> i would
[22:18] <br1ck> playing against him
[22:18] <br1ck> in matches
[22:18] <br1ck> and standing behind a wall waiting for him to come
[22:18] <br1ck> and he looks at me thru the wall
[22:19] <br1ck> and turns around
[22:19] <br1ck> rapture came out n said
[22:19] <br1ck> 'yes i hack'
[22:19] <br1ck> he sat in a server
[22:19] <br1ck> and showed us
[22:19] <br1ck> autofiring with rails
[22:19] <great> damn
[22:19] <br1ck> he was telling us
[22:19] <br1ck> when items
[22:19] <br1ck> were coming up
[22:19] <br1ck> he told me where i was on the map
[22:19] <br1ck> by stanidn at his red
[22:20] <great> i see

faruq and rapture EXPOSED
[22:40] <m0nstros1ty> faruq and rapture_
[22:40] <m0nstros1ty> i knew melody69_ was a hack
[22:41] <m0nstros1ty> we scrimmed xlr8
[22:41] <m0nstros1ty> they won the last set
[22:41] <m0nstros1ty> becuase we didnt practice but 2 of em botted wtf
[22:41] <m0nstros1ty> or fucking used some hack
[22:41] <m0nstros1ty> i knew that dude's plasma wsa bullshit
[22:41] <m0nstros1ty> on troubled waters hitting like 35 pecent plasma

Hacker Pact #2(+AIM/XLR8): Extremerz, CelestiaL, and Symmetry's hacker pact EXPOSED.
(22:34:10) why did u use hacks before?

(22:34:12) funny because sym and celestial hacked, i didnt. they told me and asked me if i hack and
(22:34:49) i wanted to see what is the feeling of a hacker
(22:37:01) i was 15 or 16 when i tested hack and it was PURE test

bentley EXPOSED:
[22:33] <great> why was bentley banned?
[22:33] <br1ck> bentley told me himself he got banned for using 'third party software'
[22:34] <br1ck> and a demo, not sure but im sure someone i think his name is pondfiller
[22:34] <br1ck> sent in a demo
[22:34] <br1ck> and put some video on youtube of bentley

there u have it pplz. such a sad state this game is in. theres only a handful of us legit players left. post comments below & stay tuned for next month's big bust.