Hey guys. Carried by the wave of optimism after 2GD's announcement about upcoming year in quake, I decided to follow his advice and actually made an account on Twitch.tv and ready to stream some games. What do I exactly mean?

Recently I've realised that my uni has ridiculously good Internet ( http://www.speedtest.net/result/1616279786.png ), which combined with the abundance of free time (first semester, first year, course not really demanding so far, challenges still to come :) ), gives me a solid basis to set about streaming.

I've never done it before, so I would really appreciate all kind of feedback. So far I'm facing few problems:

-first of all, during my term time I can only use my laptop, which has Intel i3 processor and geforce GT520M (512 mb). I've already done few tests, here's one of the results:

All I really did was I downloaded xsplit, followed the easiest guide found and checked how it works with different resolution. The video above is supposed to be HDTV. I tried lower resolutions, but as a result the quality is extremely lowered, screen is full of strange dots (for instance here: http://www.twitch.tv/1buzek2/b/301255451 , especially when in full-screen ).

So I have a couple of questions: my aim is to make an amateur stream, in-game sound only from some cups. I'd love to stream and play at once, but I guess there's no way to have decent amount FPS, while streaming... Or maybe there is? Is any of the two options above possible with the kind of equipment I have available here?

I know it all sounds a little hectic, but I stated at the beginning - I just want to add my little bit and by doing this say 'thanks' to Twitch.tv.

Feel free to share your opinions.