Asked to post this up in a thread; just a way of getting Quakelive to work fullscreen in xsplit using the program "Shiftwindow". Made a quick video if people want to give it a try, noticed my sounds out but its the same without shiftwindow atm (maybe just a bug Ive picked up), so if anyone would like to confirm. Seems to require 2 monitors so you can use the program to find quake while its fullscreen (doesnt register in window mode).


Shiftwindow steps used:
-Ticked "Window Title" and Grab Quakelive once fullscreen.
-Set to monitor needed so above co-ordinates are right (might work with mon select but didnt a few for me)
-Enable "co-ordinates shift" and grab "Quakelive"
-Hit Trigger

Shiftwindow Download: