You remember the good old FFA Tournaments we had before?

The site is down for maintenance during the summer, so we will do this manually.

Join #ffa-clan to register. Just type !register and your exact Quake Live account name in the channel when I am there. Mark your name with an ending * if you are Pro or + if you are Premium. Type !checkin and your exact Quake Live account name right before the tournament and you will be grouped together with the rest of the players in the tournament.

Location: DEU, Frankfurt
Time: 20:00 CEST
Maps: Campgrounds, AlmostLost, HiddenFortress, Retribution, GrimDungeons, Trinity, FuriousHeights

The structure is new this time around, there won't be any eliminations. Everyone plays every round. The further it goes, the more skill balanced the games will become. Basically you play the players that have the closest score to yours. The highest total score over the seven rounds wins the tournament. All the groups and results will be posted on this forum.

Pro players, leave your servers running so the new groups can join them. PM me links and passwords so I can put them in the topics of the channels. Join #Pro.QL so I can reach enough hosts for all the necessary servers.

Upon winning a game in the tournament you have to PM me a link to the match stats so I can hand out points to all the players before the next round starts.