It dawned on me this morning that there is a fuckton of awesome games coming this fall:

Dead Island
Deus Ex

There are more, obviously, but those are the few that stick out in my head. I'm not really sure if I'll get Deus Ex, I was never a fan of the first one, and Invisible War just made my opinion of the series even worse. Human Revolution does look damn good though. Sums up my thoughts on Deus Ex perfectly.

Dead Island, I dunno, could be fun.

Definitely not getting BF3 on PS3, but forcing me to use fucking Origin for PC is anal raping my interest in the game. I just know Origin will suck.

Rage will probably be the only day one purchase. Bethesda's horrid reputation for releasing busted shit is going to stay my purchase of Skyrim until I read otherwise.

A bunch of overhyped PS3 exclusives are coming, but they all suck, Resistance, Uncharted... crap. Really, the climbing in Uncharted is fucking stupid, using only upper body strength to propel yourself 20ft through the air to a ledge covered in ice is bullshit, the guy doesn't even have gloves for most of the game. Could be better if they toned that shit down and made the guy into less of a terminator killing machine. CoD, Resistance, not even going to bother at this point, both suck, everyone knows it.

Are there any other games I'm missing that look compelling?
What are you guys going to buy this fall?