Just wow! Received it few days ago but had no time to test it out. I have to say it doesn't work very well with the abyssus. But then again what does? I just tried the SHIDEN with my wmo and my good is this shit good or what?

Appearently it has some class in the texture implented. THis is what they write about it:

Glass coating on cloth type surface provides light and ultra-smooth glide. No difference between vertical and horizontal mouse movements. Stable aiming and accurate tracking unlike plastic type mouse pads. Compatible with most mice. Very unique gaming mouse pad.

This is not a glass plate so does not break to pieces even if dropped. Accurate tracking and stopping even though this is a glass type mouse pad. Supple and smooth touch and accurate control.


Its a white mousepad with a really weird texture. It has a nice glide and low friction. But it doesn't feel like its made from glass. It's hard to describe what these mousepad-freak have come up with!

I've had the artisan g3 kien hard before, so I am familiar with their style. But this pad in combination with the wmo is near perfect.