Hello everyone. Im BicH1tO from Argentina - SouthAmerica. This year I'm travelling to Quakecon, to play the Duel tournament. I send several mails to Quakecon Organization but this doesn't help me so much.
In South America we have good Quakelive exponents in Argentina, Chile and Brazil, but we don't have big tournaments like Quakecon or Dreamhack. Previous years good players like pipi, raynor and realpap from argentina went to quakecon and their performance wasn't bad. So im posting for your help guys. I need help to get a spot in the Quakecon 2011 Duel tournament, I'm also avaiable for TDM if one team needs a ppl but my goal is the Duel.

I'm paying everything by myself its a very spensive travell from Argentina. I'm training a lot with the best here in Southamerica and also playing in USA with 200 ping to adapt they way of playing. I'm ready to do my best I want to face rapha, cooller and the other tops, it's my dream.
For everyone doesnt know us, in southAmerica the skill level is not bad, u guys will be surprise we exist! we have a lot of good players
in Argentina-Chile-Brazil, We deserve the oportunity to prof the world that we can do a good game with the best players in the world.

So Please! If you can help me I'll be forever grateful with you guys.

I will attach some demo soon :)

VOD LINK Thanks Moppz:

http://www.regame.tv/vod/5137 <-- Aerowalk-T7-ztn-Toxicity-Hektik

http://www.derquaker.com/vods/?page=&vod=5138 <-- dm13