*EDIT* CRT is more or less sold, willing to listen to offers on the 2233rz! :)
*EDIT 2* Dropped the price of 2233rz to 118 ! Wont be dropping it anymore but will shove it on ebay if I don't get any interest :)

Selling off my two monitors to free up some cash :)
2233rz was bought in january some time i think. No box but comes with all the other bits :) looking for 118 for it. No dead pixels and is in great condition.
Also got a 19" crt- (iiyama pro 454)- can have around 200hz at low resolutions (can't remember which as I don't have the monitor to hand!) which I'm happy to let go for 20. Bought it second hand but it works a treat. Also removed the pin thing so it works fine in windows 7 or whatever the problem with the pin thing was. Remember the shipping for this thing will be a LOT as it weighs a tonne.

Can pick it up from my parent's in a week or so when i get back (am in the London area) or will be happy to ship it as well.

I know this isn't gumtree but would rather sell it on here through paypal or whatever. Message me if you haven't (or more preferably HAVE) got any questions. If worst comes to worst i'll stick it on ebay.