I need help with my config since after last two updates I tried to play and the mouseaccel seems much faster and it is majorly different ingame than before updates.

I read on the news post about the ql update here on esr to change commands in cfg:

seta cl_mouseAccelPower "2"
seta cl_mouseAccelOffset "0"

but I have this in my cfg, I also tried to see ingame if the comamnds are like that, and it is still the same: faster accel than I got before, and the aiming is much more sensitive to my mouse movement.

I use roccat kone 2 mouse, latest drivers and I changed nothing windows 7 ultimate x86.

in my cfg i have following binds for weapons, but for example on my shaft i clearly feel that the accel is too fast and its nothing with sensitivity, but with mouse accel. Any help?

seta cl_mouseaccel "0.1"
seta sensitivity "2.7"
seta cl_mouseAccelstyle "0"
seta cl_mouseSensCap "0"
seta cl_mouseAccelOffset "0"
seta m_yaw "0.020"
seta m_pitch "0.024"

set gauntlet "weapon 1;cg_fov 110;cg_drawcrosshair 9;sensitivity 3.10;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -3"

set machinegun "weapon 2;cg_fov 90;cg_drawcrosshair 1;sensitivity 2.20;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -3"

set shotgun "weapon 3;cg_fov 110;cg_drawcrosshair 9;sensitivity 2.90;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -3"

set grenade "weapon 4;cg_fov 110;cg_drawcrosshair 9;sensitivity 3.00;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -3"

set rocket "weapon 5;cg_fov 110;cg_drawcrosshair 9;sensitivity 4.25;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -3"

set shaft "weapon 6;cg_fov 103;cg_drawcrosshair 7;sensitivity 2.95;cg_hitBeep 1;cg_gunz -1"

set railgun "weapon 7;cg_fov 90; cg_drawcrosshair 1;sensitivity 1.85;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -5"

set plasmagun "weapon 8;cg_fov 110;cg_drawcrosshair 7;sensitivity 2.55;cg_hitBeep 2;cg_gunz -3"