Competitive Gaming as a big sport being shown to hundred of thousands of viewers is a utopia.

The concept of computer games is about interactive artistical expression.
The problem with watching computer matches is that you have to be involved in a much deeper sense to the game, which is pretty much impossible to a guy who never played the game -unlike popular games like football or tennis, computer games the way they are now does not address the need of the viewer in any way.

Games have to be very simple, and to catch elements from spectators life and players life as well. If 1st person shooters will catch the figure (the face and the body) of the real player, it will drive a little bit more attention. Maybe in the future games like quake will scan the body of the player, transmitting the expression of his face and print more of his personality into the game. The way games transcede this these days is way too abstract and mathematically right for regular people to watch.
Computer games now are way too complex and impersonal for regular viewers.

You won't be able to catch the attention of regular people to this, even if you will explain them all the rules. Soonner or later, they will fall asleep while watching.

Competitive gaming as a big show for large audiences, as a big industry, is a dead horse now.