I've been doing some test content on quakelive guides to see how easy and quickly I can make a guide. it turns out its easy todo and I could probably do alot more in a small amount of time. I've done a 13 minute guide on strafe jumping basics you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-H2bKcKUMs
(also i need subscribers to unlock the channel if you can help me)

there deffiently some mis-information & the information might not be as clear as it should be. though I think im overall quite happy with how quickly it was to produce the content. 1 take, 1 render, 1 upload, 1 description. but to make the guides worth peoples time, I need to put some time into preperation and thought into what im teaching. lets think of it as a lesson plan.

So for this task I ask the help of the quake community esr. lets say if we collaberated, could we come up with a lesson plan that could teach you every step you ever needed to know to be able to play quakelive, bridge the gap between newcomers. and if we can I will sysimatically produce the content with help from professionals (to add flavour)

So lets look at an example format

Chapter 1: The Basics!
Lesson 1: An introduction to Quake (beginner)
Content: Overview of Quake, gamplay, game modes and mechanics. Links and information on where and why to get started. (lesson pre roll footage = high paced exciting action that impresses the viewer)

Lesson 2: Movement (beginner)
Content: Explain the Movements available and how they work together, demonstrate the movement being used on maps (lesson pre-roll, someone moveing very fast and awesome!)

Lesson 3: Weapons (beginner)
Show the weapons available, with demonstration, explaining damage and how they work

Lesson 4: Items (beginner)

Chapter 2: Strafe Jumping
Lesson 1: Strafe Jumping, The basics (beginner)

Lesson 2: Strafe Jumping, mouse control (intermediate)
Content: While airbourne, Torso twisting on Jump.

Lesson 3: Starting Jumps (intermediate)
Content: Flick jump, Circle Jump,
Pre-roll =
Pro gamer guest = ?

You get the idea right? so just add chapters and lessons and I'll try organize them into a giant guide, and start making them from the very start. I dont think im the most knowledgeable person across the board for this, I know theres gaps in my knowledge on movement especially!, whcih is why i'd like some help, but i do think I'm mainstream enough and have enough hosting experience to get news players interested in quake & maybe help out some exsisting players.

Also I think Quake is at an age where we've learnt everything and it can now be quite easily catergorized into a lesson plan! oh I will probably delete the orig content I uploaded on youtube once I replace it with a better version.

P.S Xou please clean up my html :)