The 72nd ZOTAC QL Duel Cup is taking place this Sunday. It's the last and final preparation for the upcoming IEM Global Finals and a lot of talent is sure to sign up. Notable signups include United States of America rapha, Russia Cooller, Sweden fazz, United States of America czm, Germany k1llsen, Poland av3k, Australia dandaking and more. The stream list will be updated throughout the tournament.
cup_gold 1st: France strenx - 100€
cup_silver 2nd: United States of America DaHanG
cup_bronze 3rd/4th: United States of America czm / Russia Cooller

Stream: HoQ-TV, United Kingdom Ice-Box, Germany BW, Russia GG, Russia uN*DeaD
Links: Tournament page, Brackets, mIRC #zotac.qlive // HoF