Hey guys!

After a longer time in StarCraft 2, let's say 4 Months where i didnt touched my Quake Live account, I'm back \o/

Anyway, i write this because im wondering about what happend to the Quake (Live) "Community".
Im not talking about the "old guys" who are in the scene for years, most of them are already mature etc.

No! I mean these annyoing guys wich i like to call "stats whores", "wannabes", "kids"...whatever.

Ok im not the smartest also im following and "working" in Quake since only 2 years and yeah im just 18 but in my opinion you dont have to be a "pro" and got already a own child to see what's going on.

Here are some examples about these people im talking.

Stats whores: You see them in every CA / TDM / CTF (public) game. Theres a 90% chance that you will have one of them in your team. Teams are fine and the match is even and everything is ok...but than! OMG a Team is going to loose! What to do?! Yeah! ^ -> /quit -> enter (I guess most of them got a /quit bind). So they are leaving a running game instead of loosing it and writing a "gg".

These people i cant or wont understand. What is so hard to loose a nice game?! Even if you lost but is it so sad for them to have one "Loss" more in their stats? And a "Quit" is better or what?! If you really need to go ok leave but otherwise? I don't think that a quit looks better in your stats than a loss.

Wannabes: I think for most of you i just need to write Czech RepublicDragonetty. Yes hes one of these wannabes i mean. You dont know him? Ok. You see "Dragonetty" on a server and join than the game is starting, he think that hes pro and he could kill you but than you fragged him. Now there 2 choices. 1.) Hes going to /quit or 2.) Hes going to quit but first he think that he have to flame and whine.

My Example: I joined him on a Server, didn't knew him at this time. We played and after ~1 min. i fragged him...F**KING CHEATER he called me. I asked him for a rematch: NO! CHEATER. IDIOT. Stop Hax!

Dragonetty think that everyone is cheating in Quakelive. If you check his last matches you see that ~90% of his matches are not longer than ~2 mins. Because hes raging all the time. What he could do? Working on his problems but i think he wont because yeah everyone is cheating and hes the pro ;)

There are some more examples but this would be going to a "tl;dr".

Kids: Had one of these just 20min ago. Was with a mate on a server and we wanted to do some practise. Than "oy74" joined he waited till our game was over than he joined. I told him that i want to play with my mate and pleased him to stay spec or leave.

I: Hey, me and my mate want to play, could you go spec or leave please?
He: no
I: Please, you'll find some other guys to play :)
He: NO!
I: Why so angry? Me and my mate want to rematch.

Kids :) So this was the examples wich i got the most time in Quake Live and i think "What the hell is going on with these people? Is there something wrong in their head or what?"

Some lines more and nobody want to read it anymore i guess, so what do you think about these people or the Community at all?

Now im going to learn some English :)