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New Hitboxes + latest patch whine! (59 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 07:28 CDT, 17 March 2011 - iMsg

I think the new Hitboxes, wich are 10% bigger, are shit! What the hell?! Now it's more easier to hit the enemy without skill and everything.

For example, the MH floor on ZTN is really no fun anymore if your enemy got a good rox. You just can't do anything just by this bigger hitboxes...
You don't need to hit him like before this patch, just shoot in his direction and you hit!

This isn't easier for noobs!

Also why the hell their giving us a old Q3 map as Premium Map?! Toxicity is just known as Puka from Q3 and it wasn't a lovely map in Q3. I dont wanna pay for old crap maps! I want a whole NEW Map pool for QL!

QL is just bad now :(

Your Opinion?
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What happend to the Community?! (63 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 02:04 CST, 10 February 2011 - iMsg
Hey guys!

After a longer time in StarCraft 2, let's say 4 Months where i didnt touched my Quake Live account, I'm back \o/

Anyway, i write this because im wondering about what happend to the Quake (Live) "Community".
Im not talking about the "old guys" who are in the scene for years, most of them are already mature etc.

No! I mean these annyoing guys wich i like to call "stats whores", "wannabes", "kids"...whatever.

Ok im not the smartest also im following and "working" in Quake since only 2 years and yeah im just 18 but in my opinion you dont have to be a "pro" and got already a own child to see what's going on.

Here are some examples about these people im talking.

Stats whores: You see them in every CA / TDM / CTF (public) game. Theres a 90% chance that you will have one of them in your team. Teams are fine and the match is even and everything is ok...but than! OMG a Team is going to loose! What to do?! Yeah! ^ -> /quit -> enter (I guess most of them got a /quit bind). So they are leaving a running game instead of loosing it and writing a "gg".

These people i cant or wont understand. What is so hard to loose a nice game?! Even if you lost but is it so sad for them to have one "Loss" more in their stats? And a "Quit" is better or what?! If you really need to go ok leave but otherwise? I don't think that a quit looks better in your stats than a loss.

Wannabes: I think for most of you i just need to write Czech RepublicDragonetty. Yes hes one of these wannabes i mean. You dont know him? Ok. You see "Dragonetty" on a server and join than the game is starting, he think that hes pro and he could kill you but than you fragged him. Now there 2 choices. 1.) Hes going to /quit or 2.) Hes going to quit but first he think that he have to flame and whine.

My Example: I joined him on a Server, didn't knew him at this time. We played and after ~1 min. i fragged him...F**KING CHEATER he called me. I asked him for a rematch: NO! CHEATER. IDIOT. Stop Hax!

Dragonetty think that everyone is cheating in Quakelive. If you check his last matches you see that ~90% of his matches are not longer than ~2 mins. Because hes raging all the time. What he could do? Working on his problems but i think he wont because yeah everyone is cheating and hes the pro ;)

There are some more examples but this would be going to a "tl;dr".

Kids: Had one of these just 20min ago. Was with a mate on a server and we wanted to do some practise. Than "oy74" joined he waited till our game was over than he joined. I told him that i want to play with my mate and pleased him to stay spec or leave.

I: Hey, me and my mate want to play, could you go spec or leave please?
He: no
I: Please, you'll find some other guys to play :)
He: NO!
I: Why so angry? Me and my mate want to rematch.

Kids :) So this was the examples wich i got the most time in Quake Live and i think "What the hell is going on with these people? Is there something wrong in their head or what?"

Some lines more and nobody want to read it anymore i guess, so what do you think about these people or the Community at all?

Now im going to learn some English :)

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Quake Live config collection (260 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 09:57 CDT, 26 July 2010 - iMsg
Since many, mostly new, players are looking for a decent config from pro players to check out how their graphic looks or what bindings they use, I decided to share my personaly config collection, called "skilleys cfg collection", with the lovely community.

There are 103 QL settings from Pro players like Sweden toxjq, United States of America cha0ticz, United States of America rapha, Poland bodzo. Also a Amateur part with settings from Poland daxio, Ukraine x1t and many many more.

If you think that your cfg is missing, feel free to send it to me, it will get a place in the next update!

The collection will get a update every month! Next update after Gamescom!

UPDATE 1: The 1000 download counter is reached, so its time to share Sweden toxjq's mouse settings with you, whos interested in it!

Mouse: WMO 1.1a
Mousepad: Steelseries cloth pad the thick one
DPI: 400
Hz: 500

UPDATE 2: Like i said in my comment, there will be a here we go! :)

skilley's QL cfg collection v2 includes the settings from known players like Poland kos, Sweden proZaC, Netherlands Scoot, Sweden spart1e, United States of America DaHang, United Kingdom zsx and... Australia DanDaKing :) + some more.

Also the Amateur part like Russia iddqd's cfg and so on.

Have fun with it and a big thanks to everyone who sent me his settings to get a bigger update!

btw: Im still waiting for some IEM settings, i was able to get to the Tournament PC's but my USB stick failed so i will update it later again :)
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Posted by skillah @ 07:32 CDT, 4 May 2010 - iMsg
Druidz, one of the top Gaming Teams in Sweden, best known for their ex Quakeworld team, especially Sweden LocKtar, adds a new Quake Live Team in January 2010. Now its time to make it official. We will represent them mainly in the ESL Major Series VI with our TDM Team, ESL Pro Series Germany and the weekly G Data and ZOTAC Cup series.

Also a big thanks to our main Sponsors, who will it make possible to attend big Lan's: Razer , QPad , GIGABYTE , WhiteTiger!

Related links: Druids Homepage
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BVG.QL clanless now! (10 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 15:10 CDT, 19 October 2009 - iMsg

Like you can read, we the (ex)Quake team from Betsson Voodoo Gaming, are clanless now! So we are searching for a new Clan now!

We take every offer seriously, if you are a known Clan!


Germany zkillah


Ukraine stalq3r
Lithuania 9uard
Russia Nitrino

Offers via Mail too:
Or IRC: /query zkillah

Peace and Out |]
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Whats about QuakeLive netcode and stuff? (12 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 19:49 CDT, 1 October 2009 - iMsg
Yo guys

First, no i dont "whine" about the Quake Live netcode, hitboxes and stuff! I just mean (and im sure im not the only who cares about it) that there is something "wrong" with the netcode. For example on dm6, you can shoot with the rail at the red armor and if theres your enemy on the stairs (near to the RA) you hit him! I mean WTF!? This can't be :D

So the hitboxes are just to big? It seems so, just watch this video and you will see how big these hitboxes are: (0:27)

Yeah fuck*ng big...

So what do you think? Will Id fix these stuff (netcode is very important!) and it will be a good choice to change it, or do you think they won't change it and its usless to fix it?

And yes! I know its still a "Beta" but, in my opinion, its very important to change some stuff with the netcode etc. and its should be one of the first thing what should be changed in a beta...
I just mean cmon Quake Live is ~2 years old now! Its time to fix the important stuff before some useless stuff like "Oh we need a Crosshair what get other colors if you hit a enemy!"
Nobody need this in Quake 3! (the perfect game). Why they need it in Quake Live now!? You want make it "Noob friendlier"? Better you change some more important stuff (not only the netcode) than this :)

Anyway i cant change anything but i just want to know what you think about it.

peace and out

btw: PLZ add Russian Servers!
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BVG is back to the roots! (26 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 10:24 CDT, 12 September 2009 - iMsg
The polish clan Poland Betsson Voodoo Gaming found his way back to the roots! BVG began in 2002 with a Quake 3 Team called "Night-Watchers". Since 2005 the team is known as Betsson Voodoo Gaming, a polish top multigaming clan! Now the former Quake Live team from Germany Geh aB Clan got a part of Betsson Voodoo Gaming and weill represent them in the growing Quake Live scene.

Additionally, two ex players from Russia Rush3D, Russia Nitrino and Russia frozen, are back in the business for us and Poland tox1c got a part of the new Quake Team of the polish organization, too.

Update: The russian Quake 3 superstar, Makaveli got a part of us as well.

The team will be playing in the upcoming Quake Live tourneys, including the ClanBase TDM Cup or the next ESL Major Series with Quake Live TDM.

BVG also interviewed Germany zkillah right after his team joined.
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GaB.Ql changed some stuff + Interview (190 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 17:33 CDT, 21 July 2009 - iMsg
The team Germany Geh aB Clan made some changes in their QuakeLive roster lately. First they removed their Clan Arena/TDM team after picking up some very good duelers (Ukraine stalq3r, Ukraine Free, Ukraine x1t and Belgium _burn3d). These Players will represent them in cups and ladders. The first achievement was the 1st place in the Q3 CB OpenCup Div. 1 from Ukraine stalq3r.

The latest addition was Belgium _burn3d, at the moment he plays the QuakeLive Duel Cup from and surprised the QL community because of his close game against Poland Blanka, a top3 player from Poland, in the Loser Bracket Final.

Update: Lithuania GUard is now part of GaB as well.

Website: Geh aB Clan
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GaB.Ql changed some stuff + Interview (11 comments)
Posted by skillah @ 14:01 CDT, 21 July 2009 - iMsg
The Quake Live Team from the Germany Geh aB Clan changed some stuff in the last Time, first we separated us from our ClanArena/TDM Team after that we picked some very good 1on1 Players (France unity, Ukraine stalq3r, Ukraine Free, Ukraine x1t and Belgium _burn3d). These Players will represent us in Cups and Ladders.
Our first archivement was the 1. place in the Quake3 ClanBase OC in the Premier League wich Ukraine stalq3r has won. Our latest Player wich we got is Belgium _burn3d, atm he play the Quake Live Duel Cup from and suprised the Ql community because he played very close against Poland Blanka, a Top3 Player from Poland in the Loser Bracket Finale.

Now Belgium _burn3d joined us and i made a Interview with him.

GaB.skillah: Yo burn3d, wazz up? First tell me who you are and why you liked to join GaB?

_burn3d: Hello, I am _burn3d , a 14 years old Gamer from Belgium. I liked to join the GaB Clan because there are some good players and some good activities on it.

GaB.skillah: You are 14? Wow thats pretty young for a "professional Gamer" So tell me, when did you start with Gaming?

_burn3d: First, I am not even a professional Gamer, i just play a lot and i improving by playing some good players on Quakelive. Hmm,i started gaming like more than one year (Quake 3 OSP) total, because i made a lot of breaks (School, Holidays , ... )

GaB.skillah: I ask me, what think your parents about Gaming? Because it seems that you spend lot of times with Practise etc.

_burn3d: Well, It's true i am practising a lot but i have things to do too, my Parents just don't want that i be a bad boy so they aren't very worried about this, but sometimes yes they are nervous when i stay quite late in front of my Computer :P

GaB.skillah: If you spend so much time with your Pc, do you have time for other Hobbys? And wich other things you do?

_burn3d: I used to do some gymnastics after school (3h/day) but i stopped in the last year, i don't have real hobbys but i like spending some times with Friends or Familly because it's Summer at the moment

GaB.skillah: For the moment runs the Quake Live Duel Cup from, in that Cup you played against Blanka in the Loser Bracket Final, i was really suprised that you played 2:3 (Blanka won), i mean he is a Top5 Player from Poland, were you surprised by your own performence?

_burn3d: I was a quite sad because we didn't had the chance to see Germany mTw|smoke vs Poland Blanka, what could be a really fun game to watch and well it was my first Cup so i was really stressed at the start.I lost by one point in the last map ( like Sweden fazz t4 sudden death ) so well i think he is a bit more skilled than me so i am gonna train with him.

GaB.skillah: After your "big perfomances" in this Cup, i mean you played against really good Players, what do you want to achieve next?

_burn3d: I want to improve on Internet, and learn how to play with under some pressure. But well, i am gonna play more Cups and practise more so.

GaB.skillah: Sounds good =), so you think that QuakeLive will have a greate future in the eSport?

_burn3d: It's hard to say because a lot of people prefer Q3 instead of QL, i personnally enjoy both so i really don't know. Let's see in a few years. Btw, I hope so =)

GaB.skillah: If you could change anything in QuakeLive,
what would you change?

_burn3d: I would add Hub3aeroq3 map for sure, Some more possible commands like on cpma (shaft graphic settings) and maybe fix some more little bugs.

GaB.skillah: Yep this would be very cool. Which players, if any did you look up to when starting out in Quake? And who is your favourite player now?

_burn3d: Well my favourite players are good mentality players, but if you ask me the bests players in QL, i would say Austria noctis, Italy stermy, France strenx and Sweden spart1e.

GaB.skillah: What is your favourite map?

_burn3d: I don't have a favourite map, I just dislike T6 and CA2.

GaB.skillah: I won’t hold you up any longer burn3d, many thanks for taking the time to talk to me today and all the best for the future mate. Anything you would like to add? Also i wish you all good for playing in Geh aB Clan.

_burn3d: Well i just want to thanks all players who trains with me and all GaB players for sure! Thanks you :)
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