So, the next finals will be held in Hannover again. In case some of us are going, we need a thread, just like Memento_Mori's old thread (

I will be there from 3rd to 5th March to see all the final matches. If you need some place to stay, have a look at these sites/hotels: (Type in "Hannover" at "PLZ/Ort" and hit "Finden")
Let me know, if you have some more places to stay at.

The event runs from 1st - 5th of March 2011.

March 1st, Tuesday - All matches of cs Group B, SC2 Group A, ql small Group B
March 2nd, Wednesday - All matches of cs Group A, SC2 Group B, ql small Group A
March 3rd, Thursday - ESL EM All Quarter Finals and esl2 ESL Pro Series Germany IFNG
March 4th, Friday - ESL EM All Semi Finals
March 5th, Saturday - ESL EM All Grand Finals

You need a ticket to Cebit
The area age restriction is is probably 16+, just like last year.

You can try getting some free tickets by doing the following steps:
- Register at (use your REAL data, cause your name is gonna be on the ticket afterwards)
- Go to
- Use one of the following codes: mvdzk, t4uad, 7k5z5, 25c8q or cycka
- Check your mails :)

unihumi (from 3rd to 5th)
becks ("most likely")
deotrip (looking for a ride) :)