NationsCup XIV has been announced today on ClanBase. This years NC will have 22 competitions over 16 games. Quake Live will be represented with both TDM and CTF cups, as last year. Complete list of games can be seen below as well as the schedule and captain selection procedure which has already started.

Captains can apply here for TDM and CTF. As always people willing to help with the cups will be able to do so by applying as admins for both TDM and CTF cups.

Update: Captain signup stage ended and now is time for players to vote for their CTF and TDM captains using Pending link next to applicant from same country. Voting stage will be open until 7 Jan 2011.

Links: ClanBase, NationsCup XIV on CB, mIRC #clanbase.ql, Twitter cbqlcrew