I used to be quite the movie enthusiast. Went to the cinema a lot, was excited about new releases and waited for them in anticipation. But these last couple of years I've been pretty bored with most of the western stuff. There was a fair share of good movies no doubt, but I have the feeling it were a lot less than back in the day. Maybe this is what we call 'acquired taste'? Or I am just getting old.

Either way, I've started to look into some Asian movies these past couple of days, mostly but not exclusively Chinese. I find them quite entertaining. Probably because it's different and I watch them in the original Audio. I also find that Chinese movies are usually more polished than Korean/Japanese ones. Is this just a subjective observation?

I honestly haven't seen that many yet.

EDIT: Sorting these movies in alphabetical order, links to IMDB as well as origin (Flag). I will stick to the English names where possible!
(*) means I would recommend it
(-) means I wouldn't recommend it.
Anything without either of those I consider worthwhile, but not something I would think of first if someone were to ask me for recommendations.
These are subject to change as I get to see more movies. No need to try argue with my choices, I don't care :)

Battle Royale (*)Japan
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (*) Hong KongChinaTaiwanUnited States of America
Fearless (*) Hong KongChinaUnited States of America
Fist of Legend Hong Kong
Hard Boiled (*) Hong Kong
Hero (*) Hong KongChina
Ichi the Killer Japan
Infernal Affairs 1 (*) Hong Kong
Infernal Affairs 2 Hong Kong
Infernal Affairs 3 Hong Kong
Kung Fu Hustle (*) Hong KongChina
Liar GameJapan
Liar Game: Final StageJapan
Shaolin Soccer Hong KongChina
Old Boy (*) Korea (Republic of)
Ong Bak 1 (*) Thailand
Ong Bak 2 Thailand
Red Cliff I China
Red Cliff II China
Reign of Assassins (*) China
The Killer (*) Hong Kong
The Protector (-) Thailand
Warlords Hong KongChina

Seen from Recommendations:
Chocolate Thailand
Fudoh: The New GenerationJapan
Go Lala Go China
Goemon Japan
He was cool Korea (Republic of)
House of Flying Daggers Hong KongChina
I saw the Devil (*)Korea (Republic of)
Ip Man Hong Kong
Ip Man 2Hong Kong
Joint Security Area (*)Korea (Republic of)
Little Big SoldierHong KongChina
Men Suddenly in BlackHong Kong
My Sassy Girl (*)Korea (Republic of)
My Tutor Friend (*)Korea (Republic of)
My Wife is a Gangster 3 Korea (Republic of)China
Please teach me EnglishKorea (Republic of)
Protege(*)Hong Kong
Secret (*)Hong KongTaiwan
Sex is Zero (*)Korea (Republic of)
Shinobi Japan
Sophie's Revenge Korea (Republic of)China
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance(-)Korea (Republic of)
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Korea (Republic of)
The Chaser (*)Korea (Republic of)
The Good, the Bad, the Weird Korea (Republic of)
The Host (-)Korea (Republic of)
The Shinjuku Incident Hong Kong
Thirst (-)Korea (Republic of)
Turn Left Turn Right (-)Korea (Republic of)Singapore

About to watch:
Liar (cannot find this =/)
Ashes of Time
Chungking Express
Flashpoint (cannot find this in Original audio =/)
Chungking Express
The Sword of DoomJapan
Break Up Club

Currently looking for:
Light Romance