Scheduled: 12:00 CDT, 13 October 2010 to 16:00 CDT, 13 October 2010
Schedule: Passed

Update: ESL ESL-TV will cast the Tournament from the Quarter Finals on. The stream will start at 15:00 CDT.

The management of the IEM5 European Championship has decided to add an additional 6 slots to the European Championship group stage. This means that the groups will now have 5 players each rather than 4. The reason for this is to allow those players who had missed their national qualifiers for various reasons to have another chance to qualify. The Last Chance Qualifier 1 is taking place Wednesday, October 13th at 12:00 CDT (Sign up).

The additional 6 slots will be awarded in 2 separate cups held in mid-October. The top 3 players of each cup will advance directly to the group stage. It is allowed to sign up for both cups.

Links: Announcement, Sign up