The IEM Season V World Finals are taking first step tomorrow morning at 04:30 CDT. Sadly again, nobody on ESReality used the Contribute link to try and write a preview of the competition. But a few writers from the community shared their thoughts about the Group Stage through various websites.

Over at TEK9, Belgium Bcrbo put up another great piece where it's hard to see any top3 emerging and questioning the format of the tournament.

On, Australia frequency reviewed the two groups and their favorites, without putting too much focus into the team's players.

And finally on ESFI World, United States of America d1ngdong released the 3rd part of his Quakelive preview which is dedicated to Russia Cooller, United States of America rapha and Australia dandaking. The 4th and last part should come shortly!

Update: Better late than never, United Kingdom SwitchbacK posted his preview on SK Gaming during the night!

Links: TEK9,, ESFI World