Hi guys!

Sorry for the noob question but i cant sort it out by myself so i thought ill post it here and some experienced quakers can give me useful tips. I am playing quake live actively for 3 months and i cant set sens accel etc. in order to get better aim. Iam really confused. Currently iam playing on 1800 dpi/ sens 1/ accel 0.3 (winxp, 6 notch) and i only hit 20 % lg its kinda weak i think, rail is not good too... I saw quake pros are playing on extreme low sensitivity lifting their mouses like 2 times each second. I just cant do that. I played last 7 years without accel and i didnt lift my mouse almost at all. In quake i spin my wrist to his max capability and this causes bad aim. Please dont make fun of me or my english - i know this both are shit:D If u want more information about my settings or whatever i will gladly post them. Dont be afraid to reply i wont steal yr shoes.

thx in advance