Today the staff of the incoming QuakeCon 2010 finally announced the Quakelive tournaments to be featured at the id Software's LAN event. There won't be any surprise as the 3 tournaments to take place will be the same as last year. The registrations are already opened for the CTF, Duel Masters and Open Duel tournaments. They will be closing on the 12th of August!

The "official rules, requirements, prize money distribution, pool of arenas" have not been announced yet. But they should all come soon. Here are the known details for the 3 tournaments planned:
- Intel QUAKE LIVE Masters Championship
64 slots / $25,000 / Double Brackets / bo3 / 5 maps

- QUAKE LIVE Open Tournament
128 slots / $2,500 / Single Brackets / bo3 / 5 maps

- QUAKE LIVE Capture the Flag Championship
32 teams (4v4) / $25,000 / Single Brackets / bo3 / 5 maps

Links: Announcement, Registration