After several Quake Live cups ESH admins did, it was decided to take the game to the next level by organizing big online duel event called Sapphire Euro Challenge: Quake Live (as a part of the Sapphire Euro Challenge event), sponsored by Sapphire.

There are 4 qualifiers to be played with 4 players advancing from each qualifier to the 16-slot brackets playoffs that will be played at Saturday 11th September 2010. In the playoffs players will fight for the first 3 spots as each of them will be rewarded with money prizes. Important to mention is that format of the qualifiers will be single elimination Bo1 until quarterfinals and then Bo3 till then end, while playoffs will be double elimination Bo3.

Qualifier #1 is starting next Saturday 07:00 CDT, 7 August 2010. Cup will have 128-slot brackets and will be played as a single elimination Bo1 until quarterfinals when it`s played Bo3 until finals. Signups already accepted.

Update: Final standings for this first qualifier are:
1. Belgium dem0n
2. Sweden madix
3. Iceland xrebzy / Russia agentJkezoor
Streams: Holysh1t
Links: Qualifier #1, Sign up, Rules, Brackets, Players, mIRC #esh.ql, Twitter Cup updates