* Sortable list (sort order is kept across reloads)
* Uses the latest site code, improving performance
* Works in Prism
* Filter out servers based on map, location, hostname, gametype, or server slot size ("/16" will filter 16-slot servers)
* Manual refresh (Shift + R keyboard shortcut)
* Start QL with your own parameters
* Easy to play a demo (auto-runs "demo.cfg")
* Easy access to the Quick Join link (click the link icon)
* Toggle for gametype icon and id's "Best Pick" highlighting (right-click the Monkey Head -> User Script Commands)
* Automatically updates to the latest script code (asks first)

News / Changelog
* 2010-08-10 Various bug fixes related to the recent update. Everything should be working again!
* 2010-08-07 Updated to work with the August 6th changes. Might be some issues...
* 2010-07-04 "Join" links should work properly now.

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