Well, since IcelandIceland caused MotoGP Montegii round to be canceled, one of most reliables moto news site have made some facts about it.

Iceland ruins it for us all

Pesky nation annoys us again

Rain in the desert didn't manage it. Two years of dull racing didn't manage it. Even the frightening rumours of Carl Fogarty wanting to start a MotoGP team didn't manage it. But instead a bunch of careless Icelandic attention seekers have done 'the impossible' and managed to cancel a whole weekend of MotoGP racing.

No one likes Iceland. First they gave us Bjork - a whiney voiced circus freak that lives in a hollowed out swan and glues fake tears to her sun-starved face. We never asked for her yet unfortunately we got her anyway - a bit like an Eddie Jordan comment.
Next they stole our money by telling us their banks have excellent rates of interest. They did. So much so that they all went out of business and the money mysteriously disappeared whist (coincidentally) lots of senior bankers became very rich. It was theft, but no country could be bothered going there to invade and ask for it back as it would probably allow the locals to start sulking again that the battleships are intruding on their whaling rights.

And now this. A bloody massive volcano.
No one really cared that they had a volcano at first as it wiped the smug smiles off their faces. Suddenly the haughty 'we use seismic heating' comments weren't so clever. But yet again the frozen barren-land island has taken their small-town annoyances and forced them on the real world. This time though they've managed to put a stop to the upcoming MotoGP race due to their careless volcano activity that has caused a European flight ban.

The volcano is believed to have been started by a local man who, because of the lack of sunlight and vitamin C, had like most Icelandic folk become slightly deranged and mentally unstable. It is believed that he started to 'tunnel to the centre of the earth' in search of natural light and a meaning to his pitiful life but instead caused the ice crust to be breached and a volcano erupt.
Because the sun can't usually be arsed shining on Iceland for 8 months per year no one really noticed the eruption with the locals just going about their daily business of eating whale fat and looking for someone else to talk to. All of which left the troublesome rupture bellowing thick ash into the sky and grounding all aircraft because of safety concerns.

It's with this safety issue in mind that the decision to cancel the long haul flights to the proposed next MotoGP round at Motegi, and therefore the race, has been made by Dorna.
"I don't mind putting my staff at risk" argued Paul 'Comical' Denning "but there's no way I'm risking losing any of my quality hair products that are essential to the team's continued success."

The race has been officially postponed to sometime later in season.

Amazing Iceland facts!
The are no trees anywhere in Iceland. Some say it's because of the geologically active ground. Others argue it's because of the harsh climate. But most believe it's because all trees hate the place and would much rather grow somewhere more interesting.

Most Icelandics never leave the island throughout their miserable lifetime as it's deemed too hard to adapt to lands with a regular day/night routine, food that isn't the internals of a large fish and shrubbery. Because of this the country has its own micro-economy meaning everything to foreigners is alarming expensive.

It's been recorded that no one has ever visited Iceland and enjoyed it.

For some reason there are many more women in Iceland than men. Because of this the tiny island was at the forefront of developing 'roll-in-roll-out' garages and parking sensors that warn the driver to stop when they're within 1.5 meters of the roads kerb. Furthermore being an ironing board salesman is regarded as a top job.

Iceland's capital is Reykjavík and has a population of eight. Furthermore during peak times of the season it's predicted that it can accommodate up to another four people.

Until the banking collapse in 2008, for which Iceland was solely responsible, the country had topped an internet poll as thing you care least about. Second was 'any further musical release from Jamiroquai.'

Contrary to popular belief Iceland does not have a budget supermarket chain named 'England'.

Icelander Jón Páll Sigmarsson is widely considered the greatest strongman ever having been crowned the world's strongest man on four occasions. However former World Superbike Chump Carl Fogarty has never rated him explaining that his own entry form for the 'World's Strongest Man' was rejected on six separate occasions. Carl attributed this snub as down to the fear that the competition would be two easy for him. After the cold-shoulder Carl founded the 'Blackburn's strongest man competition' in 1995 as an annual competition held in his own back garden. Carl has won the title every year except in 2004 when a visiting Neil Hodgson won.