It has come to my attention that there has been a little lacking in the updates department recently, and I, like you had figured this was because ID was squandering money on mime artists, cocaine binges, and cheap hookers. Which wasn't such an out there thing to believe with statements such as -

05:46am <ynvision`> ql sucking balls of steel on 2k10
05:47am <ynvision`> useless updates,crap servers,lags,etc,etc
05:48am <ynvision`> and where the hell are newmaps...after an year...zomfg
05:49am <@SyncError|home> q_q

So I decided to do a little detective work. It took hundreds of hours, most spend jacking off - alot of dead ends. But i finally amassed every award possible

And little by little the pieces came crouching, i put them together, and with a few slip-ups from the developers

05:09am <@SyncError|home> YES THINK OF THE DUCKS
05:10am <@SyncError|home> THINK OF THE DUCKS!

I came across what appeared to be I was lucky enough to take a picture of this, because they took the site down immediately, and also I died of cancer 6 months later.

Intriguing yes, but what does it all mean for us?

I believe I've got to the bottom of the mystery and i must say I'm dissapointed. I had a few theories involving the illuminati and stonemasons but it turns out that it's an upcoming april's fools joke and if you ask nice enough they'll be happy to tell you there won't be any of the aforementioned updates, nor gtv.