Update: We were able to pay the rent for the servers, thanks to everybody who donated. Any surplus or futher donations will be used for paying rent in the future.

Year after year, it's again time to pay the rent for the #cpmpickup servers, and as usual we are lacking money. The rent for a full year is 310€ but so far we got merely about a 100€ covered. If we do not collect enough money to pay the rent by the end of the week, all pickup servers including GTV and mumble will go down and it will be very tough (or rather close to impossible) to find a similar offer for the same money in the future.

So please, dear CPMA community, make up your mind whether all the hours of pickup fun, talking crap on IRC and keeping the European (read: whole) CPMA community alive is worth a few bucks of your money or not. It's fairly cheap compared to other activities like movies or pub crawling, but unfortunately it's not completely for free either. The more people contribute, the cheaper it is!

You can donate using e.g. Paypal or your credit card. Thanks to everybody who's contributing!

Links: #cpmpickup, Donation website