The second part of SK Gaming's three part 1on1 interview with the Quake dueling master Russia Anton "Cooller" Singov has been released today. In this video interview Cooller explains his thoughts on putting United States of America ZeRo4 out of the 2002 WCG by dropping a game in the group stage, Russia b100.death's role in that decision and whether he'd do something like that again.

The two time ESWC champion also offers his analysis of Russia uNkind's WCG victory, and how luck may have aided him in a specific area, as well as his fellow Russian's perhaps wasted potential in light of Cooller's own legacy. With United States of America Fatal1ty having retired before Cooller reached the top of the international scene does he wish he could have knocked him off just as he knocked off ZeRo4 on his route to the top?

The interview can be watched on SK Gaming.