Does anyone else have this problem in QL where the rockets seem to bounce people really high into the air, and then they hang there for a long time.


I've read these changes were made to the RL in QL

"Rockets are 1000ups now, as opposed to 900"
"Rockets splash is weaker, dealing 42 dmg on a rocket jump as opposed to 50"

Was this done just to make rocket jumping easier? It seems like it's having an effects on everyone else when they're fighting now. Also with the rockets being faster, was this also done to make air rockets easier?

Rocket jumping is supposed to take a level of challenge, and have a trade off for health lost. With rockets being faster, you also don't have to anticipate as much. The whole game isn't supposed to be hitscan.

I feel like the old damage rockets were fine, if people complain about spam then just reduce the splash a bit.