Name: Peter S.
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Although I did enjoy ESL TV a lot at the IEM European Finals, I think that there is still lot of room for improvement.

The weakest point of ESL TV is in my oppinion the Free Stream:
Its quality is an offense to any viewer. The Video Quality of all those free streaming services like ustream, livestream is much better and they dont even use their viewers upload bandwidth. It makes ESL look very unprofessional when every little league runs better streams.
Secondly, the requirement of an additional plugin is completely the wrong way to go. When you want to have as much viewers as possible, then you don't ask them to install additional, suspicious programs, that dont even work in some cases. Joe Average doesn't understand why he can watch videos on youtube but needs to install a new program to watch ESL TV, so he will suspect that something fishy is going on.

I really feel ashamed to give my friends the link to ESL TV because of these reasons, and the effect is that I rarely do that. If you want to spread the idea of "esports", you need a stream that is easy accessible and doesn't look like complete shit.

I suggest to offer 3 different streams:

Free Stream: runs without any plugins and offers a quality that is comparable to ustream, etc (maybe cooperate with one of those services?) - new viewers and people at work etc will use this stream

Enhanced Free Stream: Provides slightly better quality but uses a p2p plugin - this stream is for regular viewers that are too greedy to get premium

Premium Stream: Provides the best quality (like "very high quality beta premium" stream). Should not use p2p plugins imo, though this doesn't matter much here, since this stream is for true fans, who arent discouraged by little hurdles.

The other main point that needs improvement is that the moderators give way to few information about the player's person. There are a lot of things to talk about and it would make a player like draven look a lot more interesting for the casual viewers if the moderators told them that he is/was in the dutch national team for Taekwondo.
This needs a little journalistic work, but I think it really would be worth it. Viewers want to get to know the person behind the monitor and for every player there is more then enough to talk about him (little anecdotes, former achievements, what is he doing other than playing quake, where is he from (city/heritage), etc)