So finally I got my VX2268WM and tossed out my old CRT. Only thing what pisses me off, is that I play with 800x600 resolution and this original driver only let's me run stuff at 120Hz in 16xx resolution.

Does anyone know workaround to set custom timings (Hz) to non-native resolutions? Mostly I am looking for a custom made inf driver which has all of these (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 etc) resolutions set to 100-120Hz.

I tried making my own with Phoenix software forcing hz's to 120, but it seems I had a lack of success back there.

I also tried making custom resolution with nvidia control panel, game started with 120hz, but it ran on 16xx resolution having tons of 800x600 sized screens.. So that was a no go also.

Any help is appreciated!

betro.hakala AT