A few years ago (anywhere between 2 and 4 seems reasonable) a guy posted in a thread on this site a link to a .zip file or a host which had a pack of immortal and Makaveli Q2 demos. There were maybe 30+ of these and about 1/3rd of them were practice games against each other, the rest were matches (practice or official) against other players.

Worst thing is I had all those demos but rather than back them up I was working my way through them one by one when I felt in the mood, but of course forget about them for a few months and then had a virus which meant I had to format and couldn't save anything.

Does anyone still have this pack or the demos in question?

Really can't remember who had them/suggested them and the site he hosted it/them on was a personal file host so there's next to no chance of being able to find via google.