recently saw a spanish horror movie "El Orphanato", it reminded me of the classy horror films i have enjoyed over the years. Wanted to see how fellow esr users like horror movies. List your top 5 here.

Warning: Only horror movies that are good films as well, no retarded slasher / tomato juice blood all over / corpses going on munching like pac man / stupid zombie shit / no guinepigu series movies are allowed.

My top picks:

1. The Shining
2. The Others (great performance from Nicole Kidman)
3. Ju On part 1 ( the original Jap one)
4. The Exorcist
5. Dark Water (original jap not the remake)

imo "el orphanato" borrows the theme from dark water a bit but its a great movie in itself. my other all time favorites are Odition (Audition: Jap), 1408 , Identity (not exactly horror), RoseMarys Baby (makes u feel at unease), The haunting (old black and white one).