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The Official AGP (Association of Gaming Professionals) Tour Website has been launched by United States of America Jarod "Streetrunner" Reisin.
"The AGP Tour is an international series of professional video game tournaments consisting of the best players in the world. Following Quake 3 and its 10 years of history as a pro sport, Id Softwareís Quake Live has been released as its successor. It will be featured and focused on by the AGP Tour as a major sport and will be presented live and online as it has always deserved."
To mark the launch the site United States of America Joe "nineX" Szymkowicz has interviewed United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson, Netherlands Jeffrey "draven" Debipersad, United Kingdom Aaron Anton "HELL" Jones, Sweden Johan "Toxic" Quick, and United States of America "Chance" Lacina to get their thoughts on QuakeLive ...

helloliefje Livia "Liefje" Teenstra discovers if Sweden Karl "fooKi" Johansson is coming back for QuakeLive.....
So if Quake Live is played in tournaments, will we see FooKi back on the scene?

Read on to find out the answer to this and many more questions.
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