SteelSeries is well-known and somewhat undeservingly maligned for its gaming products, which it claims are tested by pro gamers. Its latest release, the Siberia Neckband, is a smaller, more stylish version of the original Siberia headset.

To find out if it's any good, SteelSeries sent us along a sample to test. Here's an excerpt:

Itís really quite simple, but this is overlooking the fact that thereís no set width to the headset; instead, the Siberia Neckband gradually constricts around your head.

After a while, this grows to be uncomfortable; not to mention if the constricting device in the headband (neckband?) becomes loose over time, the headphones wonít stay on. Additionally, if youíre a glasses-wearing nerd like me, the constant pressure on the arms of your glasses will press them against your head, leading to some painful situations after extended play.

Is it all doom and gloom, or is there some salvation for these headphones? To read the full review, head over to GGL Wire.