Do you want to compare your skills with other teams? r3spect clan prepared a 4v4 TDM tourney in q3 cpma vq3 for you.
Tournament structure is double elimination bo3.

1st places KOSS KEB/4BK 4x
2nd places WLL LAMP 4x

Start: 7th december
Deadline: the registration period will end on the 5th of december
Your responsibility is to play one match per week. every match is arranged by teams themselves.

Sign in by sending an e-mail to [email protected]
Item: r3spect 4v4 tournament
Clan name,leader,players who will participate,nationality

Maplist: pro-q3dm6,ospdm5,ospdm6,q3dm14tmp,cpm4,q3dm7

If the score after 2 maps is 1:1,third map will be decided by elimination,
team with more frags from first two maps eliminate first,then other team eliminate one map and so on,until one map left.

After match,send screenshots to [email protected]

Every communication will be through irc channel #r3spect.quake @ quakenet
for more information see this channel
web: link

GL & HF Heero-2b