ESWC Athens has not only suprised us all with another Quake3 tournament, but it will also possibly witness the return of arguably the two strongest Quake4 players in history to their original game. SK Gaming reports that although both players have signed up no commitment will be made to attend by Toxic until he learns what monitors are to be used, whilst Stermy admits missing 1v1 competitions in an interview with Carmac.
Why have you signed up for Athens?

stermy: I signed up hoping they will be using Quake Live already for this event. I really want to play in some FPS 1v1 tournaments again and unfortunately I did not have this opportunity in the past year because of lacking of tournaments and schedule conflicts between the CGS and other events.

As soon as I got back from the US this August I started playing QuakeLive and I'm definitely enjoying it so far so I was just waiting for a big tournament to come up. Unfortunately I don’t know if this ESWC Masters in Athens will be Quake 3 CPMA or Quake Live already.

source SK Gaming SK Gaming