Cypher: 43% (158)

rapha: 14% (52)

RazerJ: 12% (45)

k1llsen: 11% (42)

fox: 6.7% (25)

ZeRo4: 6.5% (24)

czm: 5.6% (21)

chance: 1.3% (5)

Cooller had an epic win against ZeRo4 yet lost to lesser known chance, vo0 still hasn't made it into the top elite, rapha forced Cypher into a /quit and neither noctis, matr0x, if-22 or dkt advance. After a first day with some insane games, suprise results and a few upsets we're left with eight hopefuls! Who is your top3 in what could ultimately be the final major Quake3 tournament!?