Now that I've almost finished my sixth semester, last exam tomorrow, I finally wanted to do my first "Studienarbeit" (student research project?) in my next semester. As I'm studying mechanical engineering and am specializing on ICEs, I ofcourse wanted to do a project related to ICEs. After combing through several institute sites I found several interesting projects, however some of these need programming skills (don't know to which extend) in C++ and/or Fortran for simulations (mainly CFD).

I've had to do a C++ course and heard an informatics lecture in my first and second semester respectively, needless to say both sucked and two years passed ever since. Now that I'm going to do an internship next month I felt like learning some C++ again alongside.

An now it's your turn: I need good resources in order to learn C++ efficiently. Give me links, name books or whatever.

Thanks in advance.