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Video of the championship match between United States of America SK-ZeRo4 and Belarus cypher in the first ever QuakeLive 1vs1 tournament at QuakeCon 2008. The video includes both matches played between ZeRo4 and cypher on qztourney7 'Furious Heights' and qztourney4 'Vertical Vengeance II' along with video of the award ceremony. Commentary for both maps are provided by Canada Stuart "Django" Ewen and United States of America Rod "Slasher" Breslau. You can check out the rest of the tournament videos released here and you can expect the QuakeLive CTF finals video to be released tomorrow.

The video is available for download in high or low quality WMV and H264 files along with the option to stream the video via Flash in standard quality or a H264 high quality.

- Download the Video (Sizes: WMV High: 1GB, WMV Low: 127MB, H264 High: 722MB, H264 Low: 303MB)