It's 2008, i'm soon 21 and still no sign of intelligent robots! what's going on!?

In other news, I have a course in philosophy of consciousness, and besides all the shattering news for all dualists and the awesome insights into the self and free will (the lack of them); i found someone mentioning something (hopefully) relevant to your interests; namely the fact that voluntary movement operate with 8-12 hz in the muscles..

Quite strange? I mean.. 10 adjustments a second, a natural 0.1 sec rythmic delay when moving the mouse :o

Also.. After youtube came godtube and jewtube; now, another similiar niche-tube albeit not suffixed -tube has come about - ! the place for ideas to enter the public sphere by text, audio or video format; with big names such as Steven Pinker, Hirsi Ali, Moby, and many more's initial contribution, this is promising to be a huge success! (or not)

Anyways, if you're interested in ideas or learning stuff, check out (has link to beyondbelief2, and an interview with Rodolfo Llinas who has written the book "i of the vortex" i took the info about the muscles from), and

In conclusion; truth is equated with science and science with utility, god is dead and we think in dt!