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Rating: 8.2 (65 votes)
Finally, after being announced on November the 11th, 2006 by SNP, by means of a Trailer release, First Contact is finally upon us! Featuring frags from the entire community (initially being a SNP-only movie, SNP decided to make a community movie out of it, with the help from BRUNS). I consider this movie a tribute to Warsow 0.21, it is one of those fragmovies that really makes you want to play and enjoy the game, and which makes you realize why you do!

The editting, use of the (minimally available) cameras really come together great, and accompanied by the theatrical soundtrack, this is a movie not to forget! The quality of the frags, quality of editting, synching and the visual effects are very good, and they make Warsow 0.2 look better then it ever has. The high quality of the compression with the crazy color effects make this movie a visual trip!