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Rating: 6.7 (38 votes)
Hanni*, breach, n0^, shocK, kalias, OberChef, sc0oby, zoeffo, Righti, m()Yd, wIz4

This is a frag highlight movie made from CTF frags only, performed by CB EC clan #scrofulous. You won't be able to watch "leet" mid-air rocket kills, but even better frags made in official CB EC/OC games, serious practise games and Inzane ffa.

Of course, this movie has two versions:

What else to say ... I spent some time with editing and I think I managed to create some nice things never seen before in UT movies (I hope:)).

I hope you will like the music, because this tenth version of our soundtrack. Yes, tenth. So I really hope we chose good music:).

And now I would like to thank to following persons who helped me with uploading:

GeeDee and Multiplay - www.multiplay.co.uk