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Rating: 7.5 (123 votes)
6 minutes of Quake 3 Arena fragging.

Sweden cristal started this project with an intention of creating something that he feels is somewhat fresh and clean.

Hope you will enjoy it!

ztrider, raziel, pez, vamp, crv, fire1ce, phenolphtale1n, appleseed, winz, zale, ashr, invasion, wussie, qujon, prince raiden, ziel, vtx, tombob, beaverman, kixl0r, molte, robo-kill, hayaku, cha0kx & thomas.

Music: Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel
Encoding: Lame MP3 VBR and XviD 4000 kbps
Contact: #shaolinproductions on quakenet

(c) www.shaolinproductions.org 2007