I dont give a rats ass about 1on1. I think it'll be something like Warsow ;)

Whats really buggin me is the TDM game style. From what I've heard it'll be 5on5 in a CS style of game. FUCKING SUXORS?!

I started to think about it.. And yea, Quake TDM SUX! It's just random killings in teams. I mean, in CS your main objectiv is to plant/defuse the bomb OR kill the opposit team, it's great for spectators. You dont need a brain to get in watching the game.

But seriously? Another CS game? No, lets hope they use CTF! CTF includes the crazy adranaline pumping action of TDM and easy objectives; Get the enemy flag to your base. Easy as dell. And its both fun to play AND watch. And with the speed of Warsow(Yea!!) it'll be a blast! All of you who played CPM CTF knows what I'm talking about.

Don't mind typos or grammar, tired and been drinking JD. Gn.