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The CPL game - Hold your thumbs! (61 comments)
Posted by Wimp @ 18:17 CST, 19 December 2006 - iMsg
I dont give a rats ass about 1on1. I think it'll be something like Warsow ;)

Whats really buggin me is the TDM game style. From what I've heard it'll be 5on5 in a CS style of game. FUCKING SUXORS?!

I started to think about it.. And yea, Quake TDM SUX! It's just random killings in teams. I mean, in CS your main objectiv is to plant/defuse the bomb OR kill the opposit team, it's great for spectators. You dont need a brain to get in watching the game.

But seriously? Another CS game? No, lets hope they use CTF! CTF includes the crazy adranaline pumping action of TDM and easy objectives; Get the enemy flag to your base. Easy as dell. And its both fun to play AND watch. And with the speed of Warsow(Yea!!) it'll be a blast! All of you who played CPM CTF knows what I'm talking about.

Don't mind typos or grammar, tired and been drinking JD. Gn.
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Retards (29 comments)
Posted by Wimp @ 12:42 CST, 13 December 2006 - iMsg

Got it?

I'm quite chocked to see people nag about CPL using CPMA as their mod. CPMA are still beeing developed, and listens to the "scene". OSP is not as customizable as CPMA either.. I cant see any reason using OSP over CPMA.

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Im in love (66 comments)
Posted by Wimp @ 16:21 CST, 29 January 2004 - iMsg
Promode change my view of Quake <3!

I remember my first "contact" with promode, it was on a OSP Clan Arena server called exile(I think). I hated it, the movement sucked major ass!

How come I love to movement now? Well, back then I didnt knew that promode was not about strafejumping... I hated promode, why play slow promode when you got fast vanilla?

So one day I joined a Clan Arena server, and it was PM :/ But past the years Ive heard that promode was like QW, so I tried and tried. Eventually I learned how to control the jumps.

Ive been playing OSP CA PM for a while now and Its getting quite boring. So when CPMA 1.2 was released i gave it a shot.

CPMA is so fun, Ive been playing constant for two days now, im getting better(still suck tho).

Inspierd by movies like VoOs and haste I got my first "nice" airgibb to day. I lost the game but with a smile knowing that you can make some hardcore frags if you got the skill.

Im off, gonna practice some jumps ;)

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