Translated from Dutch

won: you find redemz financial poor
Rufus: know zn financiele position did not
win: vertheks poor
Rufus are: dnno
won: how hot that rule cousin who it 1v1 regulates
Rufus of the Netherlands: sizah
won: that banana which himself sucks
won: sizah yes won: very honest rufus
won: do sizah on goeie players lust after, do lust after sizah on your?
Rufus: no idea
won: you are able present itself, you and sizah?
Rufus: no
Rufus: :)
docy: rOFL
won: do you find the picture of prodx, buttplug and carlo boshard, realistic?
Rufus: no hoist straight
won: jammer for sizah
won: have you ever played server of xs4all on the pub approx.?
Rufus: nope
won: tis won a must: they have dresscode
WON: what finds you of anale people
Rufus: I have no problems with homos if that is your question:)
Rufus: whatever she happy makes
won: you have had ever anale sex
Rufus: you do not go by rail real he:)
Rufus: and no
won: have you been confessed with ' your bruine wings deserve '?
Rufus: nope won: prodx strap-on will have necessary wandeer which are together with sizah??
Rufus: hou nevertheless are on with those foolish questions:)
won: oke
won: what finds you of it that your name in newsitems prevents esr
Rufus: on bijv me does not captivate:)
won: what occupies you or in the dagelijkste
Rufus live: atm won work: what does you if I can ask
Rufus: work in t fammilie won restaurant: in which city is that
Rufus: oosterend/texel won: you live also there because you ping are differently considerable low
Rufus: there I live yes won: did you smell junk o?
Rufus: nope
won: you players who that, however,
Rufus do:, know dnno won: would you wish the prodx that ie on a meeting of team-ned appear with an used condoom which puts from its arse?
docy: have to you nothing beters do
Rufus: I weerga but am to irc believe I:) I believe this, however,
won: thank for this interview
Rufus: property fun peeps:)